28 Mai 2020
2 346
Tout les offsets ont était trouver par moi avec IDA + debugger.

ATH POS ? : 0x946A08 45
Wtf ath : 0x946A70 0x40
Sound bip in menu : 0x946A74 0x40
All Menu/text in cyan : 0x946A20 FF //And change crosshair color in game
All Menu/text in Pink : 0x946A24 FF
All Menu/text in Yellow : 0x946A28 FF
"Background" Red : 0x946A20 0x4F
"Background" Green : 0x946A24 0x4F
"background" Blue : 0x946A28 0x4F
Full screen blue : 0x946A08 0x4F
Full screen green : 0x946A04 0x4F
Full screen Red : 0x946A00 0x4F
Vision bug (in game): 0x946A00 40
Vision bug x2 (in game): 0x946A00 44
Vision bug2 (in game): 0x946A04 40
Vision bug2 x2 (in game): 0x946A04 44
Disable scrollbar in lobby menu : 0x497F0 0x2F
Disable scrollbar Movement : 0x670B64 0x4F
Full Bug text on menu : 0x497F0 0x4F
Wtf bug menu : 0x497F0 0xC4
Change speed effect shadow popup : 0x670B60 0x44 = slow 0x42 = fast
Shadow blur popup menu : 0x670B70 0x44
Disable buttons icon on menu : 67CB8C 0x60, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 OFF: 48 0D E1 55
Disable all text : 0x30A4B0 FF
Change color version in menu (Yellow): 0x946A18 FF
Change color version in menu (pink): 0x946A14 FF
Change color version in menu (Cyan): 0x946A10 FF
Disable version text in menu : 0x946A1C 0xFF

New sun vision : 0xB7BFEB 0xFA
line lite blue vision : 0xB7BFEB 0xFF
line blue vision : 0xB7BFEB 0xFF
Red vision + map : 0xB7BFEC 0xC1
Green vision + map : 0xB7BFEC 0xC2
green metallic vision + map : 0xB7BFEC 0xC4
"milka color" : 0xB7BFEC 0xC8
Fuchsia : 0xB7BFEC 0xC9
"Milka color 2" : 0xB7BFEC 0xD8
"milka Red" : 0xB7BFEC 0xb8
"Milka Yellow" : 0xB7BFEC 0xE8
Pink buggy but its beautiful: 0xB7BFEC 0x10
Shadow vision : 0xB7BFEC 0x05
Mega cyan : 0xB7BFEC 0x03
Full grey vision: 0xB7BFE2 0x85
New beautiful buged vision: 0xB7C0C5 0x03
New "light blue" vision : 0xB7C0A4 0xEF
New Blue vision : 0xB7C0A4 0xDF
New "light blue" & yellow vision : 0xB7C0A4 0xAF
Yellow but I don't know what to call it exactly : 0xB7C0A4 0x3F
Light blue & white : 0xB7C0A4 0x4F
Real dark yellow : 0xB7C0A4 0x1F
Buged yellow : 0xB7C0A4 0xBF
Weapon orange and texture color changed: 0xB7C033
0xC2 Buged vision : 0xB7C033 0xC1
Buged vision 2: 0xB7C033 0xC3
buged vision 3 but weapon red: 0xB7C033 0xDF
Weapons color camo modify and little map white: 0xB7C033 0xC4
Weapons color orange and map white: 0xB7C033 0xFA
Dark map 2: 0xB7C033 0x0C
Orange map : 0xB7C033 0x1C
Full screen pink : 0xB7C032 0xC1
Full screen white: 0xB7C032 0xC2
Full screen cyan: 0xB7C032 0xC8
Full screen green: 0xB7C032 0x0C
Full screen Yellow: 0xB7C032 0x3A
Mega Dark green vision : 0xB7C032 0x1C
Green vision : 0xB7BFE8 0x00
Cyan vision : 0xB7BFE8 0x03
Cyan vision2 : 0xB7BFE8 0x80
Pink vision : 0xB7BFE8 0x11
Blue vision : 0xB7BFE8 0x13
Blue vision2 : 0xB7BFE8 0x81
Blue&Rose vision : 0xB7BFE8 0x89
Red Vision : 0xB7BFE8 0x31
Yellow Vision : 0xB7BFE8 0x41
Dark green vision : 0xB7BFE8 0x20
Dark red vision : 0xB7BFE8 0x48
Dark Blue vision : 0xB7BFE8 0x82
Dark Blue vision2 : 0xB7BFE8 0x83
Dark Blue vision3 : 0xB7BFE8 0x93
Hard green : 0xB7BFE8 0x45
Hard cyan : 0xB7BFE8 0x85
Hard blue : 0xB7BFE8 0x88
FULL blue : 0xB7BFE8 0x90

0x01cc19d8 On : 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 Off : 0x45, 0xCB, 0x20, 0x00
Sky Color:
3F 1C = jaune/vert
3F DB = rouge
5F c0 = Black + player pink
3F 7C = Default

All colors are possible with this address I let you find the bytes yourself with your sacred debugger