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Yop ,
Le développeur de Movian , Andreas Oman a release la maj 5.0.546 ;)

Voici les changements :

- Révision a8402c1e (git): Fix interlaced videos not to show only top half of the video while using...
- Bug #3392 (New): Hiccups when watching certain mkv's on Sony Bravia (Android)
i often watch dubbed movies, where the audio and video obviously come from different sources. some of these have hicc...
- Révision 23176597 (git): android: Make back button return to system home when on Movian's home sc...
- Révision 16106b98 (git): android: Add 'aligned' target
- Révision 5b9ee1e8 (git): android: Avoid possible null deref in keyboard handler
- Révision 5a4825cc (git): android: Fix problem with incorrect touch position in landscape mode
This happenes when there are softbuttons at the left edge
- Révision 9ac236ff (git): android: Build with -funwind-tables to get better stack traces
- Révision 0de1c0a8 (git): android: Remove legacy code for in-app apk upgrades
- Révision 8751afaf (git): Removed static sdcard location
- Révision 934526ba (git): Ecmascript function to test plugin routes
- Révision 93a457ac (git): Add slovak translation
- Révision feb37a9c (git): Slovak lang update
- Révision 0c075a5b (git): Update GLWView.java
- Fix for Android 8 Overlay problem.
- Révision ea8d02e8 (git): Fix broken ps3 build

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