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18 Octobre 2012
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Je copis ce que j'ai trouver sur un site

Map Pack 2 Siege is in the works and almost completed and reportedly will be out April 9th for the XBOX. There will be 4 new multiplayer maps and yes something unique and different this time is a new score streak reward. There will be a new zombie map but nothing known yet.

First map: (Circle)

This map takes place on a small island about the size of the Rust map in MW2 with no places to hide behind whatsoever. You spawn and immediately there are enemies around you so the object of this map is to spawn and shoot.

Second Map: (Darkness)

This map is not that simple because everywhere you go it is completely dark. Your best strategy is to start shooting when you spawn. The trick is to use Dual Band on your weapon to hunt down the enemy in total darkness.

Third Map: (Brothel)

This map takes place in the German town of Kaiserslautern and is located in a 4 story brothel with lots of corridors and hallways. There is an alley outside the main building leading to a large farm house that is excellent for sniping.

Fourth Map: (Departure)

This map takes place on a Russian launch pad and the surrounding facilities. This is a large map that allows you to navigate in the open grassy fields outside of the facility along with the main building near the launch pad. Excellent sniping map.

The new score streak (IED) takes place at 650 points and enables you to put 2 large IED’s similar to a bouncing betty under the surface of the ground but unlike bouncing bettys, it can only be deployed outside and not indoors.
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